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KKR Tops $1 Billion Fundraising Goal for Global Impact Fund

August 7, 2019

An opportunity to invest behind critical solutions to global challenges.


A Need for Partnership to Solve Significant Global Challenges

August 22, 2016

Investors can play a central role in resolving some of the global challenges in a way that civil society or government organizations cannot do alone.


Ken Mehlman

KKR Partner to Lead Private Equity Lobbying Group

December 19, 2013

Michael J. De La Merced of the New York Times Dealbook discusses Ken Mehlman and his appointment to Chairman of the Private Equity Growth Capital Council.


Ken Mehlman’s Gay-Marriage Mission

February 26, 2013

Richard Socraides discusses Ken Mehlman’s recent organization of an amicus brief to the Supreme Court regarding the Proposition 8 case signed by dozens of prominent Republicans.


Mehlman, Kochel: Support of Same-Sex Marriage is Conservative

January 29, 2013

The Iowa Republican
Ken Mehlman speaks in supportive of civil marriage in Iowa and across the country.


The Power List: KEN MEHLMAN

April 17, 2012

Out Magazine
Ken Mehlman is named as part of Out Magazine’s Out 100 2012 members.


Rush Limbaugh is no Ken Mehlman- not even close

March 7, 2012

Washington Post
Jonathan Capehart discusses apologies and non-apologies in the Washington Post and contrasts Rush Limbaugh’s non-apology with Ken Mehlman’s genuine one.


Same Sex, Opposite Impact

March 2, 2012

Marriage equality always seemed a losing issue for the left. That’s all changed. Just ask Ken Mehlman.


To-Do List: Ken Mehlman Regrets, Rick Santorum Sinks

March 2, 2012

The New Yorker
Tom Schaller talks to Ken Mehlman, who ran President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign and was chairman of the Republican National Committee before he came out as gay, about same-sex marriage:


Ken Mehlman: Republicans should be for same-sex marriage

January 26, 2012

Union Leader
Ken Mehlman,  a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and businessman in New York, writes in the Union Leader about why the party of Lincoln and Reagan should be in favor of marriage equality.


Gay Marriage’s Unlikely Hero

June 25, 2011

The Daily Beast
With New York’s historic vote, the leader of Bush’s GOP emerged as a key advocate for equality. Samuel P. Jacobs talks to Ken Mehlman about how he helped buttonhole and raise bucks for victory.


The Ken Mehlman Interview

August 26, 2010

The Advocate
As Ken Mehlman’s revelation that he is gay ripped through the blogosphere late Wednesday afternoon, he boarded a plane bound for his home base, New York City. Mehlman had first discussed his coming out story with Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic, but he had reached out to The Advocate in advance of its publication and made a point of offering his second interview on the matter to an LGBT news outlet.


Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I’m Gay

August 25, 2010

The Atlantic
Marc Ambinder interviews Ken Mehlman.  He comes out of the closet and talks about gay marriage, Karl Rove, and more.


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