Ken Mehlman and Matt Sigelman, president of The Burning Glass Institute and chairman of Emsi Burning Glass, a leading labor market analytics firm, teamed up to discuss four key bipartisan solutions to keep America’s workforce competitive, skilled, and upwardly mobile in an article published by Fortune.

From the article:

Coming from our respective experience in politics, business, and labor market analytics, we see bipartisan possibility in making 2022 the Year of the American Worker, building the talent base America needs for global leadership while creating opportunities and equitable advancement for workers.

Smart public policy could ease pain points for employers, enhance opportunities for workers who have historically struggled to gain ground, and strengthen U.S. competitiveness in critical sectors.  On the other hand, if handled poorly, the current moment could cause America to fall behind economically, technologically, and even militarily.

Pursuing four areas of broad bipartisan appeal can enable us to deliver on this promise.

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