These videos feature Ken Mehlman discussing his work and opinions in a variety of interviews, news programs, and private functions. In these clips, Ken Mehlman shares his perspective on the economy, business, marriage equality, and promoting a sustainable environmental agenda.

Ken Mehlman and Alison Mass discuss politics, KKR’s strategy for aligning financial performance with social impact, and the UN’s SDGs.

Ken Mehlman announces The Slingshot Project’s first partnership with Franklin & Marshall College.

Ken Mehlman talks about how to discuss marriage equality with religious conservatives.

Ken Mehlman discusses why he decided to help out with the fight for marriage equality.

Ken Mehlman talks about the future of marriage equality.

Ken Mehlman discussed marriage in a recent video answering the question, what is the single best way to get Republicans to support marriage equality?

Ken Mehlman on Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court

Ken Mehlman discusses Marriage Equality on MSNBC.

Beginning transcript:

Thomas Roberts: And our special guest at the top of the hour, former RNC Chairman Ken, Mehlman, Richard Socarides former president of Equality Matters, and openly gay Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline. Gentlemen, great to have you hear, but I want to start with our exclusive interview with Ken Mehlman, former RNC Chair, former campaign manager for George W. Bush’s ’04 campaign. And Ken you publically came out in 2010.

Ken Mehlman: I did.

Thomas Roberts: It’s been written about you, that you are the highest profile gay republican in American history. It just crossed the wires from Reuters saying that, the US Supreme court, who is hearing the oral arguments right now, it’s saying that conservatives justices are troubled by the Obama Administration’s refusal to defend the marriage law. As a lawyer, how do you interpret whats coming out of the court right now?

Ken Mehlman: Well I was actually in the hearings yesterday, in the oral arguments, I’m on the board of AFER. Which is the organization that brought the proposition law suit with Ted Olsen and David Boies. What I saw yesterday were justices that were taking a very serious issue very seriously. They were asking a lot of very touch questions to all three of the council that were appearing before them. They recognized the enormity of what they were dealing with. What was interesting to me though, was that you heard from all sides two things that I think are really important. One was how important the issue of marriage is, how central it is to an individual, as a person to their freedom, to their essence. As Ted Olsen said it is the single most important relationship you have. And the second thing was the fundamental nature of that right, which in my judgment and in our judgment, the constitution ought to protect.

Kenneth Mehlman in Iowa: Civil Marriage is Conservative
Ken Mehlman speaks in supportive of civil marriage in Iowa and across the country. Published by the Iowa Republican.

Ken Mehlman of KKR and EDF Members Discuss Partnership
Ken Mehlman of KKR, Dean Nelson and Elizabeth Seeger of KKR Capstone, and Gwen Ruta and David Yarnold of the Environmental Defense Fund discuss KKR’s Green Portfolio Project.

AMCF 2008 Annual meeting: Global Citizenship and New Models for CSR
Ken Mehlman of KKR talks about the joint effort between KKR and Environmental Defense Fund in implementing cost-effective environmental innovations.

KKR and the Environmental Defense Fund Join Forces for Green Business

Ken Mehlman of KKR and Elizabeth Seeger of the Environmental Defense Fund discuss how they work together to reduce the environmental impact of businesses within KKR’s portfolio.

Ken Mehlman discusses various topics on Big Think

Ken Mehlman talks about how private equity benefits society, why regulation is bad for business, and why Republicans should support gay marriage.


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