Out Leadership recently released a webinar, entitled Inside OutNEXT, which took an in-depth look at how Out Leadership planned and organized their second annual and first global Emerging Leader Summit in July.  Hosted by Barclays, the OutNEXT Emerging Leader Summit involved more than 180 emerging leaders from member companies involved in Out Leadership.

The conference took place in New York City at Barclay’s offices, and included best-in-class leadership development content from a wide variety of experts and LGBT community leaders.  Speakers included Ken Mehlman, as well as Dorie Clark, Andy Cohen, Jim Obergefell, and David Mixner.

The webinar, which is Out Leadership’s first ever, discusses the approach that the Out Leadership team took to develop the curriculum and content, as well as the work that they are doing to engage the 2015 cohort of emerging leaders from OutNEXT.  They also present some of the insights from their social justice hackathon winning teams, as well as a brainstorm on how Out Leadership can help support individual company’s efforts to drive positive impacts.

Ken Mehlman was a member of the Out on the Street Leadership committee and explains some of the benefits of the program. “Out Leadership will help members succeed while making a positive impact. It will help smart businesses share effective tools to recruit and retain the best talent and enhance true meritocracy throughout our firms and society.”

Out Leadership is a strategic advisory firm that connects senior leaders “across the world’s most influential industries to create business opportunity, cultivate talent, and drive LGBT equality forward.”  They have hosted leadership summits and seminars on four continents and work with member organizations throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.  Member organizations included KKR, Barclays, Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley among 61 other member firms.