Ken Mehlman recently made a list in the Institutional Investor of people who regularly make the news.  The list includes other influential people such as Tom Steyer, founder of the $18.4 billion hedge fund Farallon Capital Management, Warren Buffet’s protegee Tracy Britt, and Andy Smith, head of equity research at Sberbank CIB.

According to the Institutional Investor, Tom Steyer made the list because he often shows up in the news in regards to social media like Twitter. Particularly, as the paper puts it, Tom Steyer “wants Barack Obama’s Twitter army.”  In June, he announced a campaign dubbed “We Love Our Land” to mobilize online supporters to urge them to tell the White House to block the planned Keystone XL pipeline, especially those that previously supported the president in his campaign.

Ken Mehlman, meanwhile, is working hard to “change GOP minds about another demographically important issue: gay rights.”  His work on the amicus brief signed by more than 130 prominent figures on the political right in support of gay marriage in the case of Proposition 8, as well as his belief that “the political right should embrace gay marriage because it is consistent with the conservative values about the importance of family and freedom from government intrusion” is part of what made the Institutional Investor include him on their list of People in the News.